Need some tech help, but can’t find a developer?

Introducing: The Tech MBA

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Next intake: June 21-22

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The Tech MBA

This 2-day intensive course has been designed for budding entrepreneurs who aren’t exactly sure what they want to do (but know it will involve tech) and for existing non-technical entrepreneurs who want to get their fingers in the code to be able to better understand and help their team.

Learning the basics of coding could save you a fortune of tech agency bills in the early days and is a perfect compliment to the Startup MBA, which gives you the tools and mindset of modern tech startups.

We’ll cover the basics of building and styling websites from scratch, including html, css and javascript. You don’t need any existing knowledge. You’ll need a computer and a lot of coffee.

You Will Learn How To…

  • Create and style simple webpages for your company or products
  • Collect and store user information like emails using forms and a database
  • Understand html/css/javascript, and how they fit together
  • Communicate with a tech team
  • Make more informed technical hiring and management decisions
  • Host your website at your own domain name and server
  • Remove the bottleneck of having to find a programmer every time you want to improve the website for your customers

You Will NOT Learn How To…

  • Become a fluent programmer (although you’ll have a starting point)
  • Understand server programming (but you’ll be able to make a website say what you want)
  • Create new wordpress themes (though with some trial and error you’ll be able to understand and tweak them)
  • Automatically find a technical co-founder (but you will know a little bit more about their world and work)

The Curriculum

Day 1

  • Intro and welcome
  • How the web works
  • How to structure and create content of webpages: HTML and HTML5
  • How to style and design webpages: CSS
  • How to collect data from users with forms

Day 2

  • How to add logic, animations, and interactivity: javascript
  • How to store data: Parse and databases
  • How to put your site online

Dates, Location & Pricing

Your Teacher: Devin Hunt

Devin Hunt Devin Hunt is a London based designer and tech entrepreneur. Devin has founded three companies including and He has also worked with a variety of brands such as Vice Magazine, Disney Imagineering, and BERG. He speaks about design, development and building products at startup scale.

Next intake: June 21-22

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